40ml transparent black medical beauty bottle 60ml100ml cream bottle 120ml spray lotion bottle packaging material



MOQ 5000, 10000
CAPACITY The capacity can be customized, and free product samples are provided for testing
NECK-SIZE 20/410, 20/415, 24/410, 24/415,

Different sizes can be made
Different colors can be made according to the color of the design manuscript
Lid, pump head, bamboo wood cover, etc.




We produce a wide variety of HDPE (High-density polyethylene) products which can be dispatched to you once an order has been placed. ALL our HDPE plastic products are to UK manufacturing specifications and undergo strict production line testing. Purchase with confidence as our products are of very high quality, lightweight and recyclable. You can order these today:

Product Range

  1. Clear (PET) Bottles
  2. White/Natural Bottles (HDPE)
  3. Clear (PVC) Bottles
  4. PLA degradable material


Why choose Shengyang Packaging
SHENG YANG PLASTICS is a forward-thinking commercial supplier of essential dispensing products. Our goal is to supply 100% recyclable containers that work with the evolving circular economy. We work closely with our manufacturers, suppliers, research team, and Account Managers to offer a future-proof product line. We specialise in;
  • Glass Container & Bottles
  • Dispensing Pumps
  • Cap and Closures
  • Jars
  • HDPE & PET Bottles
  • PP Airless Containers
  • Flexi Tubes
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Premium Acrylic Jars & Bottles

Our Customer Benefits

Why create a partnership with SHENG YANG PLASTICS? We asked our customers what makes Berlin Packaging a great company? These are our top ten responses;
  1. Friendly customer Account Managers who take ownership of accounts
  2. Free sample bay enabling product testing and product building
  3. Free storage allows you to draw down over a 12 month period
  4. 100% recyclable products available to help with the circular economy
  5. Product innovation ideas
  6. Free Packaging Education Suite
  7. Subscribe to the Packaging Edit on the website and read all the articles for free
  8. A great stock product range allows for wholesale orders on a large and small scale


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