Most frequent questions and answers

Edpackaging carries packaging in our warehouse (stock) that has lower minimums and can ship quickly. We also can modify packaging to exactly fit your brand (custom) but the minimums are higher and the process takes longer. We carry a variety of airless bottles, acrylic bottles and jars, tubes and tottles, in different materials as well as color cosmetic packaging. We also offer custom mold services.

We show the most popular pieces on our website, but we also can help you find the perfect packaging for your brand. Just ask one of our representatives to help you.

We offer samples of our in-stock items free of charge. For larger sample requests, there is a reasonable fee. We also ask that clients cover the shipping with their own FedEx or UPS account or via credit card. There is a fee for some custom samples which covers the cost of manufacturing and importing the samples for you.

We strongly recommend that you test your product with container options with your labs prior to any volume purchase. We can assist you with what is typically used for various products, but product testing is solely your responsibility.

Yes, we have a product catalog. As we lead the way towards becoming a sustainable company, we have downloadable catalogs. If you need a printed catalog, please let us know.

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