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About Us

For over 10 years, has been working with emerging and established beauty brands to design, develop and produce innovative bottle formats

Why Choose Us

Sustainable Innovation Process

We not only provide customers with high-quality cosmetic packaging supplies, we are also experts in innovative product design and continue to provide customers with packaging with different designs and processes.

fast productivity

Each of our machines produces an average of 20,000 packaging bottles a day, which can meet customers' urgent orders and deliver them quickly.

Competitive price

We are the most direct production factory, all products are the source of the factory, and the most favorable prices are given to customers.

Tailored Solutions

For special packaging bottle types, we have professional design experts to describe the shape, and we will produce the corresponding packaging bottle type abrasives, which can be produced according to the needs of customers in terms of capacity and specifications.

Our Services

Create every cooperation with your heart.

Global Packaging Expert

Companies in the global health and beauty, cosmetics, personal care, healthcare, nutrition, pet health, automotive, home and outdoor industries provide premium packaging.

Premium plastic bottle

Environmentally friendly material.

Premium acrylic bottle

Environmentally friendly material.

Premium hose

Environmentally friendly material.

Premium glass bottle

Environmentally friendly material.

Our Team

We have offices in different places and participate in international packaging exhibitions from time to time. Refine the way of communication at each step.

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company team

company team

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Global Supplier

Providing exquisite packaging styles for cosmetics, personal care and other enterprises

Discounts and Free Samples for Contractors, Resellers, OEMs and ODMs

Free Procuct Samples

Discounted Price

Expert Lighting Design

Fast Quoting & Protyping

First Access to new products